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Performance (capacity/absorbency, cost, etc.)



Capacity for the Money

Dry Weight

Capacity as a Multiple of Weight


The capacity/absorbency numbers were determined by wearing and wetting each diaper, booster, etc. rather than, say, pouring water on them at regular intervals. In many cases the item was pushed to its limits, to the point where it was either leaking or falling apart.

Therefore these numbers should not be thought of as realistic as realistic capacities for day-to-day use. They can be used to compare items, though.

Generally the most reliable results are where there are several items in the same category. For instance if the category says “(showing 12 of 54 items)” this means we're seeing the best results from a large field of competitors.

On the other hand, “(showing 3 of 3 items)” means there weren't many items tested, and the ones at the bottom of the list may be much better than they appear here. They just haven't yet had a proper test that pushed them to full capacity.

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