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Camelotian Diaper Wiki

Main Pages

The main pages are always available in the sidebar on the left (if using a browser) or the “Sidebar” drop-down list (on a phone).



Go to the Galleries page.

The site has 1,094 photos of 179 different items, mostly diapers. There are photo galleries highlighting different kinds of diapers and different views of them.

The galleries can be used to identify a diaper, such as in this case a baby diaper:

You can explore different views, such as packaging, prints, and closeups of the padding and leak guards:

You can even test your diaper knowledge by looking at randomized, unlabeled photos, such as pictures of the characters that appear on diapers:

Note: every photo in this wiki is of a clean, dry diaper or other item, or its packaging.

Tags and Themes

Go to the Tags and Themes page.

There are 154 tags that describe the prints on diapers, everything from dinosaurs to clouds to outer space themes. Selecting “bears”, for instance, would take you to a page with all of the diapers that feature bears, such as these:

In the description for each item, tags are highlighted, allowing you to link from item to item along related themes.


Go to the Brands page.

This is a listing of every item on the wiki, organized into brands.


Go to the Performance page.

For each of the 329 items we know the weight and in many cases the price and capacity/absorbency. So it's possible to rank diapers by overall capacity, value for the money, and so on.

For instance here are large adult briefs ranked by capacity (and the answer to how this wiki got its name):

(click photo to view full-size)

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